Jeff Yacoub - Director of Argent Street

How long have you worked at VI Partners

Since 2017.

What work do you specialise in?

  • Providing Financial Services to companies and individuals

What work do you enjoy the most?

Getting to know my clients.  I have been invited to clients’ weddings, babysat their kids, helped launch their businesses, bid at home auctions on their behalf, celebrated important milestones, and shed a tear with them in bad times.

What’s your favourite client success story?

One of my clients was adamant that they didn’t need any insurance, and it took a lot of convincing that they ultimately did.  Unfortunately, they then required quite serious surgery only 2 years later and this insurance saved them and their family from financial ruin.  My perseverance at the time has not only helped cement our friendship but also increased my belief in trusting myself with what I do for my clients.

On weekends you’ll find Jeff…

  • Trying to get the world record for oldest person alive. It’s a slow process, but I improve on my score every single week and have improved by a few billion places since I was born so it’s going well.
  • Plus spending time relaxing with my family.
  • Trying to answer one of the 5,000 questions that come out of my son’s mouth every day!

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