Romeo Velardo - Director

How long have you worked at VI Partners

Founding Director/Partner – 24 years and before than, working as an Accountant for 31 years.

What work do you specialise in?

  • Business Structuring
  • Property Developments and construction (have a personal interest)
  • Wholesale Trade

What work do you enjoy the most?

Making sure that clients are structured in the best possible manner to minimise risk and taxes whilst at the same time moving towards achieving their financial goals. I get super excited when we see our clients get the results that they have aimed for and are able to enjoy the benefits of their hard work, knowing that I have played a big role in that.

On weekends you’ll find Romeo…

  • “Attempting” to play golf
  • Spending quality time with family and friends
  • Tragically supporting Carlton Football club
  • Enjoying a glass or 2 of Red wine.

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